Hyundai Pre-Paid Service Plan
Know what the future holds.

Wouldn’t it be great to lock in today’s servicing[H1] prices? Well, now you can. Get your Hyundai Pre-Paid Service Plan when buying your new car or at your first scheduled service.

Get more with Hyundai servicing.

We believe that service should be a standard, which is why when you service your Hyundai vehicle at Cessnock Hyundai you are automatically eligible to a range of ownership benefits.

Hyundai Service

Roadside support.

As part of your Pre-Paid Service Plan, you will receive 24/7 Roadside Support for the duration of your plan.

Hyundai Service

Customer support.

If any issues arise, please contact Cessnock Hyundai. Our friendly staff are ready and waiting to help, with any concern you may have.

Hyundai Service

100% Genuine Parts.

Your safety is our number one priority. We only use Hyundai Genuine Parts, built and tested specifically for your vehicle – and are covered by a 12 month warranty. The best part is a Genuine one.

Hyundai Service

Manage Costs.

Purchase a Hyundai Pre-Paid Service Plan when buying your car+ and you can spread your servicing costs across small loan repayments.

Hyundai Service

Ultimate flexibility.

You can choose to pre-pay for the kilometres you expect to drive per year, or for a minimum of 3 scheduled services (whichever comes first).

Hyundai Service

Totally transferable.

Thinking of selling? Offer the new owner a bonus, by transferring your Hyundai Pre-Paid Service Plan to them when you sell your Hyundai vehicle.[H2]

Hyundai Service

Expert care.

All servicing and repairs are carried out by our highly-trained Hyundai technicians who know your vehicle inside out.


Considering Pre-Paid Servicing?

Knowing the exact price of every scheduled service is smart. Spreading out the charges across the term of your finance deal is ingenious.

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Need more help?

If you’d like to know more about Pre-Paid Servicing, or any other aspect of owning a Hyundai, our friendly team is full of answers.

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Pre-Paid Frequently Asked Questions

How is the price for Pre-Paid Service Plans calculated?

Pre-Paid Service Plan pricing is simply calculated by adding together the prices that your Participating Hyundai Dealer charges for the relevant Scheduled Maintenance Services under the Hyundai Lifetime Service Plan, as at the date that you buy a Pre-Paid Service Plan and for the number of Scheduled Maintenance Services that you pre-purchase. Your Participating Hyundai Dealer can advise you of their prices for all Pre-Paid Service Plans. For details of recommended pricing and quotations, please use the Pre-Paid Service Plan Calculator by visiting

What is a “Scheduled Maintenance Service”?

Scheduled Maintenance Services are the scheduled maintenance services recommended by the vehicle manufacturer and specified in the Service Passport. Scheduled Maintenance Services are of limited scope. Please download the PDF.for details of what is and is not covered.

What is covered under a Pre-Paid Service Plan?

Each Pre-Paid Service Plan covers the standard items in each Scheduled Maintenance Service as published in the eligible vehicle’s Service Passport, under the Pre-Paid Service Plan that is purchased. The standard items in each Scheduled Maintenance Service are:
(a) labour;
(b) parts;
(c) lubricants; and
(d) sundries such as oil and waste recycling and/or removal, workshop supplies etc.
The 1,500km / 1 month (whichever comes first) service is not covered in any Pre-Paid Service Plan as it is complimentary and included with the purchase of any new Hyundai vehicle.

Can I redeem my pre-paid services under a Pre-Paid Service Plan at any Hyundai dealer?

Pre-paid services under a Pre-Paid Service Plan can only be redeemed at any Participating Hyundai Dealer.


Prices shown are RRP and are inclusive of GST.

[H1] For scheduled services only, including parts. Does not include wear and tear items: eg, brake pads. Hyundai Pre-Paid Service Plan full terms and conditions.

[H2] Only applies to vehicles for which, at the time of sale, services under a Pre-Paid Service Plan are yet to be redeemed in accordance with all Terms and Conditions. For full Terms and Conditions, please download the PDF.

Premium Roadside Support Plan
[H3] 12 months included Premium Roadside Support when you buy a new Hyundai vehicle from a participating authorised Hyundai Dealer or direct from Hyundai. For purchases of new IONIQ 5 V.3 and IONIQ 6 vehicles, Hyundai offers 24 months Premium Roadside Support. Premium Roadside Support commences from the date of the vehicle’s warranty commencement. When you have your Hyundai vehicle’s scheduled service at a participating Hyundai Dealer, you will receive 12 months of included Premium Roadside Support from the date of service (or 24 months from the date of service for IONIQ 5 V.3 and IONIQ 6 vehicles). This offer is available for all Hyundai vehicles (excluding rental buyers and taxis). See for full Ts and Cs.